Our Crew

Question: When did you meet Jesus? When did you begin your Ministry? How long have you been Married / or investing in youth / community? & If you could collaborate with any artist who would that be?

Ben Jammin

  • I met Jesus in 2002. I began hip hop ministry in 2011. Not yet married. I joined youth ministry in 2008. If I could collab with any artist, Sho Baraka or KB.

Website: http://j.mp/benjammin

Chris Treborn

  • 1998 at some youth group type setting. I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my heart. I began August 7th, 2001 – Recording my demo which lead me to land a studio where I recorded my first full-length album ‘Landscape of time’. I got married August 28th, 2011 and I’ve been investing in youth via my music ministry, but I became physically active in Young Life in 2010-2011. I would love to do a song with Andy Mineo, Canon, KB, Tedashii, DJ Official and Alex Medina all on the same track!

Website: http://soulanchormusic.com/ct


  • I’ve known who the Lord was my entire life… but I began to take notice that He was calling me around 2003. After continuing to stumble for a while, He allowed me to come fully to the realization that I need Him! I’ve been married 8 years & have 3 awesome kids. I’ve ben involved on & off with youth ministry for the last 4 years. If I could work with any artist it would be Da T.R.U.T.H, Richie Righteous, or Ambassador.

Website: http://eCsiLe.com

Twenty Peace

  • I meet Jesus when I was five. it wasn’t till after an my accident/dui, with my broken face and shatered arm that I began to understand the Jesus had a plan for me. It still took me getting out of the Air Force and another dui before I surrender my life to Christ. I started writing rhymes in the spring of 04, started rapping after I was at a Benjiman concert in January 05, the weekend before his first album dropped. I’ve been married nearly five years. My wife (Amanda) and I have a beautiful 1 1/2 year old daughter. as far as ministry goes I’ve helped with middle schoolers and college age kids. If I could work with any artist it would be Jin The Emcee, and Michael Peace.

Website: http://TwentyPeace.com

Kirk Bathke

  • After being a drug addict for over a decade (over half of which on crystal meth) I turned back around to Christ in 2007, and Ive been runnin hard after Him ever since. I am a member of several worship teams in the area (been playin for the Lord ever since He freed me from my chains). I have been a youth leader in our church for about 2 years, and am also currently a teacher at the weekday school of the Bible for the middle-school in dallas. I have been married for 13 years and have 3 beautiful daughters. I dont know about who I would like to work with…maybe matt maher, toby mac…….never thought about that one.

Elliott Ross

  • I met Jesus when I was 15….kinda. I began my music ministry when I was 21. I’ve been married 6 years. I guess I would love to do a song Kirk Franklin.

DJ Rhema

  • I came to Christ in August of 2001, I began ministering musically around 03, and I began using my turntables for Him around 05. I’ve been married for almost 4 years now, and have been working with children/youth since 06 as a counselor. If I could collaborate with anyone? I think I would like to work with Braille, Light Headed, Da Truth, Phanatik, Cross Movement.