Lyrics: Integrity

Lets adhere to moral and ethical principles;
Build moral character; with honest goals
Thats the state of being whole, entirely
to preserve the integrity of the empire, see

an undiminished sound, unimpaired, & perfect condition
I’m integral by putting my flesh in submission
Jesus is my master and with his death I died
My flesh can’t rise, I’m resurrected with Christ

His life will suffice, I can’t sacrifice
He bared all my burdens and his yoke is light
You can’t fathom dying for sins, right?
So take up your cross every day and night

We got to fight for the prize in our sight daily
Heaven is the price paid so we’re sailing
More than seven seas as we pay attention
Go out to share the gospel that’s the mission

Make disciples as we’re fishin call us fishermen
Anchormen hold it down as we fishing for men
Still I need the sun to bless me with vitamin d
Holy spirit guide your men as I invite him in with me

What we’ve been lacking is integrity
No discrepancy. We need integrity
Can’t fail our families with integrity
Soon all will see with eyes of integrity


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