I’m A Christian is a statement of faith, birthed from those that follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We as the hip hop generation want to express our faith in the one way we know how. Through creative media, or more specifically, this album.

The follow-up to the original (released in 2009), this is the title track off the upcoming mixtape “I’m A Christian: The Mixtape”. We wanted to make this more epic than the original, so look out for more remixes!

This album is a collection songs that are mostly “Remixes of the Remixes”. Originally we released the majority of this album via the “Rock’n Fresh Fridays” campaign. Which were remixes of hip hop’s most famous tunes.

We thought it would be even more creative to take those same songs and make original beats to them. Take them to the next level. Make something memorable for you, yes YOU!



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